Top Class Education

Last Monday, one of my students, H-chan, surprised me when she revealed that her test scores ranked 25th in Karigane JHS’s 8th grade.  She also said that she was 12th overall in English.  Yet, she was disappointed because, on the tests before last, her test scores ranked 12th overall…and 7th in English!
I was very impressed because I had never thought of her as very studious.  She’s great at English conversation.  She was in my class of first grade students when I first started Eigo Day classes 8 years ago.  She has fulfilled my goals as an English teacher.  If every student who entered Eigo Day could speak like H-chan, I would be extremely happy.
Another student, M-chan, is also frequently ranked in the top 25 of English in Karigane’s 8th grade class.  She recently passed the Eiken Pre-2 test along with the interview on her first try.  She came in as a 2nd grader after a year at another English school.  So, she’s been at Eigo Day for about 7 years.  Her speaking is just as good as H-chan’s as her English ability has snowballed quickly.
I’m also aware of S-kun being top 5 in English in the 8th grade.  He came back from America and immediately enrolled at Eigo Day until he finished elementary school.
So that’s THREE of the top 25 English students in Karigane’s 8th grade!  Those are just the ones we’ve heard of.  12% of the top 25 are current or former Eigo Day students.  In a class of 260, I know Eigo Day probably taught only around 2-3% of those kids.  Is this high ratio of English success related to Eigo Day a coincidence?

Last year, two Karigane JHS graduates went on to Kariya High School, considered one of the top two high schools in this area.  Both of them studied at Eigo Day until 8th grade.  Again, do you think this is coincidence?

This year, many current and former Eigo Day students in Karigane’s 7th grade have told me about their English test scores in the high 90s.  One girl even said she was ranked #1 in English!  How exciting for all of these kids!

Should Eigo Day 英会話スクール take credit for this success?  Absolutely not!  The students are the hard workers.  On the other hand, should you ignore the English success that Eigo Day students continue to demonstrate?  No way!

I’d like to make two key points:
1) Eigo Day generates interest, inspires, and motivates children.  Our students associate English with fun at an early age.  The longer they continue, Eigo Day demonstrates the benefits of English in their life during lessons.  Eigo Day students understand the purpose of English.  Every lesson is a building block to enable our students to transition into being able to have English conversations someday.

2) Smart parents and students recognize quality education.  That’s why they’re smart.  Smart students take advantage of their opportunities when they know they’re being taught well.  Smart parents easily recognize that their child is progressing at a better rate than the majority of their peers.  Eigo Day continually claims that our techniques and educational theories produce much better results than other English schools.  These students and parents realize that…and they use this advantage!

If you want to give your child an advantage, Eigo Day 英会話スクール has locations in Kariya, Anjo, and Nagoya.  Call or email us today!  We look forward to helping your child succeed.