Welcome and thank you for checking out Eigo Day!  Eigo Day is a unique English conversation school with three locations in Aichi, Japan.
Our current locations are looking to expand days, and we are always interested in acquiring new schools.
Therefore, we need teachers…but not just any teacher.  Read on if you’re interested. header3 header1 header2


Through years of teaching in Japan, Eigo Day has watched what works, and more commonly, what doesn’t work in English conversation education.  Working within the typical structure of the English conversation school, we’ve developed, and continue developing, techniques that are atypical.  We notice much better results in comparison with our peers.  So, we need you to be a part of “being better”.

Eigo Day teachers must be
1) Able to adapt to different teaching methods.  If you’re stuck in the teach-from-a-textbook-style or you think you’re too cool to sing silly songs with kids, Eigo Day is NOT the school for you to teach at.  Check out materials like Dansinglish, Banana Chants, and Genki English.  These start to touch on the classroom attitude that inspires children at Eigo Day.  We have an established curriculum for kids, but we encourage creativity that will improve results for each individual lesson.

2) Able to adhere to a contract.  Eigo Day will make a fair agreement with all of our teachers.  We will both abide by this agreement in order to avoid confusion.

3) At a native English level.  Eigo Day’s salespoint is native English teaching.  We understand that great English teachers come from all areas of the world.  Our goals align with trying to help Japan learn English.  However, our students desire native-speaking accents.  So, that has become part of our brand.  As the creator and leader of the NPO Spelling Bee, Eigo Day is especially partial to teachers who can teach North-American-sounding vowel sounds.

4) Apply using the following steps in the following order. First, fill out the form below.  Second, reply to the follow-up email with attachments including your cover letter, resume, and references (two to five).  Third, interview by phone for 5-10 minutes.  Fourth, interview in person with multiple members of our staff.  Fifth, read materials and complete any tasks (i.e. demonstration lessons)  Sixth, receive a final interview.
In order to find a good fit, we need to follow this process. *Japanese ability is not a requirement, but increasing your personal Japanese communication functionality should be a goal of yours.
*Positive attitudes and energy will offset all mistakes you make.  In fact, we encourage positive mistakes that are made in order find more effective ways of teaching.
*Eigo Day can sponsor visas.
*We will assist in the arrangement of a residency, if needed.
*Full-time monthly salaries will start in the 230,000-250,000 yen range.  Raises based on experience and performance will be discussed after a 3-month period or when training program is fully completed.
*Part-time rates will be negotiated.

Thank you for your interest.  If you’d like to pursue teaching at Eigo Day, start by filling out the form below.

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