Good Friend Campaign

The Good Friend campaign is back.  While this campaign seems a bit controversial, everyone should understand the motivation.
You see, most other English schools lock their students into yearly contracts.  By December they’ve usually already pressured their students’ parents into signing up for another year from the next April to March two years away.  Oh my gosh!
As I’ve stated in a previous blog, I truly believe Eigo Day provides a much better service than our competitors.  If we wait until after the New Year when most other campaigns and advertisements come out, we miss our chance to help the students who are attending inferior English schools.  They don’t get a chance to make a better choice.
I’m happy to reward Eigo Day students generously through this campaign because they are helping to fulfill Eigo Day’s mission of making Japan better at English.  By helping their friends find a better English school, our students are being Good Friends
Finally, Eigo Day does not force students into yearly contracts.  We have 3 month or 6 month (with a 2% discount) pay periods.  These pay periods are the closest thing we have to a contract.  The only contract we have with students is a mutual promise to do our best.  Eigo Day will teach the best lesson, and we want our students to do their best in the lesson.

Everyday is an Eigo Day!